Planning to downshift

Sabbaticals, Coast FI & Semi-Retirement

Do you want to make changes to reach your financial objectives at a pace that allows you to make the most of the journey?

If so, do the following thoughts come-up?

  • “Slowing down on my journey to FI sounds nice but I don’t see how I could make this work for me.”
  • “Might as well get to FI as soon as possible otherwise I am risking never reaching that goal.”

If any of these sound like a thought you’ve had before, you are not alone. When I contemplated taking a sabbatical despite being 80% of the way to FI, I was filled with these and other limiting beliefs. ​

One process that has been crucial in taking action on this desire has been to determine how downshifting options can fit into my plans without compromising the end goal.

I then focused on strategies to evaluate the financial impact of making such a change on my FI journey & support the mindset shifts that come into play when you move from the accumulation phase to living on your investments.

In this FREE workshop, I will share:

  1. What are sabbaticals, Coast-FI & Semi-Retirement.
  2. How to identify if one of these option can fit into your FI journey.
  3. The various tools & resources that can help you plan & support a downshift in your journey to FI.
  4. How to continue making progress with these goals.

You have what it takes to make different choices without compromising your end goal!

Join me for this FREE workshop to learn more.

Presented by

Mel Dorion

May 5, 2022
12:00pm Eastern Time

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